Subsidy opportunities

A series of subsidy programs are intended to give the labor market additional impetus and support the recruitment of recipients of unemployment benefit II.

Employment with obligatory social insurance contributions is subsidized.
Companies can make use of subsidy opportunities when appointing new employees, provided certain prerequisites are met.

In the run-up to employment there is the possibility of a practical field test leading to qualifying measures according to the requirements of the company.

Below you will find general information about:


Before concluding a contract of employment there is the possibility of a temporary free work trial in the form of an internship in the company.

The internship enables both the employer and trainee to get to know each other.

The goal is the subsequent recruitment into employment with social insurance contributions.

The internship relationship must be communicated to the employer service by the employer prior to the work trial.

The internship contract is created by the employer service.

The trainee is insured by the employer during the internship.

Contact Person

Employer service

Former district Alsfeld:  06641 977-4010 or 06641 977-4011

Employer service

Former district Lauterbach: 06641 977-212 or 06641 977-254

Integration subsidy (EGZ)

Eligibility criteria:

  • Work with social insurance contributions is supported for recipients of unemployment benefit II who are residing in the Vogelsbergkreis.
  • The amount of support depends on the extent of the initial deficits and the respective integration requirements of the unemployment benefit II beneficiary.
  • It is based on an insurable employment contract with a contract term of at least 12 months.
  • A tariff or local wage is paid (minimum hourly wage: € 9.19).
  • The applicant may not have been employed by the company for more than 3 months or have completed vocational training in the company in the 4 years prior to the planned employment..
  • An application for integration services must be submitted to the employer service before appointment.


Integration subsidy (EGZ) for people with disabilities:

Eligibility criteria:

  • In the case of benefits for participation in working life, integration grants are available for severely handicapped and disabled people.
  • Funding is granted according to the type and severity of the disability.
  • An application for integration services must be submitted to the employer service before hiring.

Contact Person:

Employer service
Former district Alsfeld:  06641 977-4010 or 4011

Employer service
Former district Lauterbach: 06641 977-212 or 254

Information on the new funding opportunities under the Act on Participation and Opportunities

The provisions of Sections 16e and 16i SGB II were incorporated into SGB II by the Participation Opportunities Act on 1 January 2019. The aim is to re-open the prospects of long-term unemployed persons who are far from the labour market and who have been receiving benefits under Social Code Book II for a long time. The funding is aimed at employers for the target group of long-term unemployed persons (who are far from the labour market).

Here you will find the "FAQ" of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) on the Participation Opportunities Act. These are updated regularly.

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Your contacts in the Employer Service Department will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the funding opportunities offered by the Participation Opportunities Act. You can find the contact details here.