People with disabilities

People who are unable to work or continue to work due to disability or other health restrictions or wish to continue working with a disability or health restrictions often require individual and intensive support. We have set up a department (Reha – rehabilitation unit) for severely disabled applicants.

This Reha/severely disabled department can clarify your claims for a vocational rehabilitation and help you to implement them. Furthermore, we can advise you regarding possible rehabilitation measures and we will gladly assist you in taking up employment, subject to social insurance contributions.

Among other things, we offer the following funding opportunities:

  • integration benefit
  • training allowance
  • supported employment
  • retraining and qualification measures

Our goal is to find suitable long-term employment for you and to enable you to participate in working life and society.

If you have questions, please contact us directly:

Rehabilitation / Severely Disabled Department

Mrs. Frank                        
Phone: 06641 977-288

Mrs. Weiss
Phone: 06641 977-246

E-Mail: kva-reha(at)