The jobportal:

Job Focus is the portal for the rapid and efficient job search in our region.

This job board is designed for people who are looking for jobs online and do not want to spend hours looking at various job sites. Job Focus offers the right jobs for regional habitat summarized from Germany's leading job boards.

A simple, self-explanatory, user interface allows to find the next challenge for him vacancies each user within minutes. Very easy to get an indication of the route to the future workplace and company information presented on the Internet.

Of course, you can use this job market with your smartphone.

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Job search links

Employed persons in need of assistance and those living with them in a community of need must exhaust all possibilities for ending or reducing their need for help. It is their responsibility to use all possibilities to make a living from their own resources. This means that it is everyone's task to look for a job.

In addition to the utilization of the advisory and placement services of the KVA, those concerned have to make use of the job information services of the Federal Agency, consider job advertisements in daily newspapers and on the internet, visit workplace exchanges as a starting point for targeted applications, make speculative applications to potential employers, and attend interviews at temporary work agencies and private employment agencies.

In order to help with successful job searches on the Internet, we have compiled a selection of job boards as well as a list of informative web links. You may find interesting information about work, job searches, training, qualification and training here. Our list is not exhaustive.

Open positions (Vogelsbergkreis)

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