Application (Unemployment Benefit II)

Basic benefits for job seekers are dependent on the application. Only those who apply for the benefit receive benefits if the according conditions are met. The application will be retroactively valid on the first of the month and will be approved for a period specified in the notification. Afterwards the application must be renewed. A separate application is required for each community of need (also for household communities).

Principle of demand (Sec. 2 SGB II)

  • all options for ending or reducing the need for assistance must be exhausted
  • employable benefit recipients must actively participate in all measures for integration into employment
  • an integration agreement must be arranged
  • reasonable job opportunities must be accepted
  • all possibilities must be used to make a living from own means and abilities, under their own initiative
  • employable benefit recipients must use their employment capacity for the entire community of need

A personal appointment is usually processed faster

We will gladly assist you with the first application. For this you can arrange an appointment with our service points.

Applications for renewal must be submitted in good time before the end of the approval period in order to ensure seamless continuity. You can download an application for renewal here.

You are welcome to visit our service points during business hours.