About us

KVA Vogelsbergkreis - Municipal Jobcenter

The KVA is the municipal job center /employment agency of the Vogelsbergkreis and offers
eligible citizens the benefits of basic benefits for jobseekers according to the SGB II “as a
one-stop-solution”. The task of the KVA is to enable citizens to take up employment, so that
they are able to make a living from their own resources. Benefits are provided for livelihood
until successful integration.

Getting back into work with care and support

The KVA grants the best possible support through resource-oriented consultation, together
with the available funding instruments in the areas of social stabilization, qualification and
placement and with individual support, so that individuals can successfully find their way
back into employment.

Contact for employers

“From a single source” means even more at the KVA. We not only want to be the point of
contact for benefit recipients in accordance with SGB II, we also want to provide employers
in the region with the appropriate employees who are needed in their work places through
tailored mediation.

Services for education and participation

The KVA enables children and young people in the Vogelsbergkreis to participate in the
various sports, musical or cultural activities with the education and membership benefits.
Likewise, costs for lunches in the nursery or at school, for school trips, for tutoring and for the
trip to school can be covered here.

Our drive

We see ourselves the “people who make things possible” and offer individual labor market
services for the "Vogelsbergkreis" from a single source, so that the people and businesses in
this region can work successfully. With our diverse regional and natio nal network partners we
want to achieve the greatest possible professional and social participation for all citizens.
The close cooperation of all participants creates positive effects that will make the
Vogelsbergkreis an attractive region to live and work in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Manfred Görig
District Administrator