Creative, activating, imaginative, cheerful - the KAFF MOBIL includes experimental education and trend sports

Adventure education and trend sports

“If young people can’t get to the offers, the offers should come to them”, this was the idea which later developed into KAFF Mobil. The topic of mobility in the rural Vogelsbergkreis was common to all areas that were identified and developed in the model project MORO. The project "KAFF Mobil" is a component of the overall strategy "Regional Existence Provision for Young People". Children and youth work should contribute to prospects for those involved to stay in the local area as longer-term residents and work is designed in the interests of the children and young people who are interviewed on the subject.

Regardless of age and gender, the majority of the more than 500 children and young people who took part in the survey asked for the mobile provision of bands and culture, mobile games and mobile sports. It is important that the local stakeholders are actively involved in the projects. Young groups of musicians can be supported with band equipment, regional band workshops should also be organized accompanied by KAFF Mobil.

The delegates of the district youth parliament plan to use play equipment at festivals to draw attention to themselves and to their work. The local clubs can add to their usual range of services with interesting fun and adventure sports such as Loopy Balls. In addition, the equipment and know-how of the volunteer KAFF Mobil supervisors can also be utilized for the implementation of youth future workshops and creative workshops.

"It was clear that a mobile and therefore local offer had to be developed, and that there should be basic equipment for alternative leisure and educational events," Hannah Müller points out. Part-time employees of the youth work/youth education department will go on trips with KAFF Mobil. There is a team of young and creative people who will plan and organize the various projects - in collaboration with full time staff. "We are also looking for part-time employees, anybody who is interested is welcome to contact us."

The name is an acronym of four German words: Kreativ, aktivierend, fantasievoll, fröhlich - creative, activating, imaginative and happy. KAFF Mobil for short. „A continuous component of our work will be to organize local events in consultation with the cities and municipalities, where we want to attract and involve young people in regional planning processes," adds Silvia Lucas from the Youth Welfare Office.

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